टैग पुरालेख: Indian Express

Abolish caste system: Supreme Court

Read this news article in the Indian Express: Abolish caste system: SC, gives lifer to 6 for Dalit killings. [Thirty years after eight Dalits were massacred by upper caste Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court has sentenced to life imprisonment five of the accused and said caste system should be abolished soon for ensuring rule […]

Who is a threat to India, China?

Read Shekhar Gupta’s article “Opportunity, Made in China” on the Indian Express today.  He argues that we as a nation are senselessly worried about China’s so called aggression alongside the border. He says the Indian army is capable of safe guarding our borders. “So what is different now? You can analyse the Chinese motivations for ever. In fact, […]