The Indian Express Debate on the Muslim Question

Prof. Suhas Palshikar has furthered the debate on the Muslim question that was started by an article by Harsh Mander and a response to it by historian and author Ramchandra Guha.
The Muslim question is obviously a very important question that has many contestants in the Indian politics and society. There is obviously a need for a debate within and outside the community on what are our answers to these questions, for example, reforms, citizenship rights irrespective of reforms, political assertion and political leadership from the community.
The post independence Indian Muslims were always in need of reformers who were largely acceptable to the community, unlike Ambedkar for the Dalits or a long list of reformers within Hinduism, Muslims have had few and the few that were there were never accepted as leaders of a large section of the community. Due to this the community was exploited by political leadership from the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav or Lalu Prasad who only limited them to a vote bank. The Congress too has made its mistakes and even grave errors when it comes to providing leadership to the Muslims.
In another article in response to Guha, author Apporvanand confuses names like Ghalib, Nazrul Islam, Manot etc. with leadership of the Muslims. The community has definitely produced great artists and authors and scientists and personalities in every walk of life, but the current question is political leadership post independence, not just great intellectuals or artists, authors and poets.
The debate should expand and more Muslim voices need to join this debate.
Links below for all the said articles:

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