Abolish caste system: Supreme Court

Read this news article in the Indian Express: Abolish caste system: SC, gives lifer to 6 for Dalit killings.

[Thirty years after eight Dalits were massacred by upper caste Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court has sentenced to life imprisonment five of the accused and said caste system should be abolished soon for ensuring rule of law and smooth functioning of democracy.

Reversing the acquittal of the six accused, the apex court said “unfortunately, the centuries-old Indian caste system still takes its toll from time to time. This case unfolds the worst kind of atrocities committed by the so- called upper caste (Kshatriya or Thakur) against the so-called lower caste caste in a civilized country.

“It is absolutely imperative to abolish the caste system as expeditiously as possible for smooth functioning of rule of law and democracy in our country,” a bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and A K Patnaik said in a judgement….]

But can we really abolish the caste system? Hardly possible when our politicians openly lobby for election tickets on the grounds of which caste they belong to? When they openly participate in public gatherings of people of a particular caste and promise them to work for progress of their community! Now what does that really mean? Do we wish to progress as a nation or as a federation of several thousand castes and sub castes? The Indian caste system has become an ugly blot on the face of our great civilization. While on one hand we complain about racial discrimination against our students in Australia and the west, what have we done as a nation to stop discrimination on the basis of caste? The only forward is a total, all out, ban on caste system. For any matter, any purpose, religious, social, or otherwise, identifying people on the basis of caste should be banned in India. No matter what price it may take, abolishing and uprooting the caste system will only make this country a safer and better place for people to live with equal opportunities and  without any kind of discrimination.


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