20 years of the breaking of the Berlin Wall

It was 20 years ago when the Berlin wall was broken and east and west Germany reunited. The Foreign Policy magazine has published some good articles on one of the greatest moments of recent world history.
berlin wall

If Berlin wall could be broken why can’t India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reunite one day…

Read the articles:

Who broke the Berlin Wall:


Today’s Berlin Walls:


The article lists following as today’s berlin walls:

  1. The Israel/Palestine “Separation Barrier”
  2. The U.S.-Mexico border fence
  3. The Korean Demilitarized Zone
  4. The Wagah Border Crossing (India-Pakistan)
  5. The Great Firewall of China

3s टिप्पणियाँ

  1. Great picture. Nice. I’m glad people are talking about this since the media doesn’t seem too interested in what I feel is a pretty monumental moment in history. I posted on it also today if you’re interested.

  2. pakisthan ke sath hamari dosti tab tak nahi ho sakti jab tak ki terrorist band nahi hota.

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