We need a revolution in the education system in India?

Education builds the man so it builds the nation. Today we claim to be the biggest human resources supplier for the world, but are we concerned what quality of human capital we are building and for whose needs? We supply bureaucrats to the government, software engineers to the IT companies around the world, highly paid managers to the multinationals, we supply engineers and science graduates as researchers to the foreign universities. What capital are we building for ourselves?

India aspires to be powerful, it wants to play a role in the international community, for that to happen, its economy has to grow multifold and for that to happen, it requires a huge force of entrepreneurs who could transform it into a nation which produces, from the one which only consumes. India needs a huge force of innovators who could make it self reliant in all kinds of sciences and technologies. India needs artists who could make its culture the most popular in the world. A culture which is not only saleable itself but also helps in selling India’s products across the world. In a nutshell, India needs Henry Fords, Bill Gateses, Thomas Alva Edisons and Michael Jacksons born and educated in India.

One may say we had few. Yes, we had. M. S. Swaminathan who made India self reliant in food grains, Dhiru Bhai Ambani who proved a common man can become a billionaire, Dr. Varghese Kurien who is the father of Amul milk movement, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who dared to build missiles for India, Pundit Ravishankar who is the ambassador of the Indian music to the world. Such people though in small numbers, were always there. But they are not the products of this education system. This system did not teach them how to become innovators or entrepreneurs or artists. Had it done so, they would have been millions in numbers. These people were inspired themselves. To some of them, their education may have given the technical know-how (though it is hardly conceivable), but not the dream or the inspiration needed. It is the education which should inspire one to become something one really wants to. Education should make you free, should make you experiment and it should make you ask questions. Ultimately, it should make you realize what you are.

Youngsters in India, do not have the freedom of selecting their career, it is said. They are forced to become engineers, doctors, MBA’s and IAS officers, it is said. Yes, agree. But that is not the problem. The problem is, youngsters in India do not have the vision to think beyond. Neither their parents, nor their grandparents had that vision. This is where the root of the problem is. Generations have gone through a system which sucks. Now the beauty is even the law-makers and educators of today’s India are products of that age old system. That is why no less than a revolution is needed in the education system in India.

What do we expect from such a revolution?

A revolution means big changes. We expect the revolution in education to bring lots of changes. These changes will result into:

1. Best talents of the country working in the education sector.

Today, education is not the career of choice, but it is the career of compromise. If you are a teacher, people sympathize, they curse the prevalent unemployment in the country. Education is one of the highest profit making ‘industries’ in the service sector, but its workers are the least paid compared to those working in somewhat glamorous sectors like the IT industry. This has to change.

2. A world class infrastructure.

The experience of shopping at malls is better than the old dirty bazaars. The experience of traveling in a metro train is much better than suffering in the city buses. The experience of driving on four or six lane highways is much better the same way. The same way, infrastructure has a meaning in education. World class universities and schools with world class libraries, laboratories and classrooms, in a world class building make a world class infrastructure for education.

3. Greater investments into education, public as well as private.

We need world class infrastructure and best talents in all schools and universities of India. These resources should not remain limited to a handful of IIT’s or IIM’s. Each village should have a school with all resources and facilities. Each university should have whatever it needs for a better education. This would require huge money and hence, huge investments.

4. Education which encourages innovation and creativity.

When farmers in the villages of Punjab make a vehicle from the diesel engine and name it Maruta (A male version of Maruti), that is innovation. When villagers of the Rajasthan and Gujarat transform the Bike ‘Enfield Bullet’ into a local auto-rickshaw, that is creativity. How many automobile engineering students could do likewise? The question is, how many?

5. Education which encourages entrepreneurship.

In a Hindi movie ‘Nayak’, the father of the actress refuses to permit for her marriage with the actor because he is not a government servant. At last, he permits, but then the Actor had become the chief minister of the state. This mindset of the society, particularly of the middle class, has to be changed. You are not a respectful person if after education you start a business, as that is seen as a failure in getting a job. It is the task of the education system to change this mindset. It also has to inspire the youth for the necessary courage and vision for entrepreneurship.

6. An education which makes a child sad when the last bell is rung at the end of the day in the school.


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  1. Nice views. But the ‘second’ question is who will bell the cat 🙂

    First question is how can the revolution be brought. Most people will agree to the end result of the revolution, as written by you. But nobody known what to do in order to bring the revolution. Please put more light on it ..

    1. we are working on some modification on indian education system externaly as a private body
      after a research of 10 years we have desighn a plateform to initiate. we will be glad if you would like to join us

      1. The syllabus and the curriculum for schools and a colleges in India have always been structured in accordance to the needs of the practical world outside the institutes. The colleges of India always give prior importance to the imparting education to students, which could help them in coping with their jobs in the respective industries.

        1. I absolutely disagree with this comment asin my opining apart from some hand ful streams (like B Com, though it is not completely in line with the industry requirement, it at least gives makes a person to understand various accounting nomenclatures which are imperative in any business), most of our graduate programs are dilapidated and incongruous..The main problem with the Indian education system is it doesn’t imbibe & modify itself in accordance with the changes in the outside world, hence the knowledge acuquired becomes irrelevant when one passes out from the colleges….

          1. i am a social worker i am tring to change our indias education system i am with us where are you
            please guide me

      2. Am reading all the comments. Good it got lot of response.
        Some of us, youths are working on this. Pl. see http://www.ssy.org.
        We are creating a great school in B’lore. Mail me.

      3. sir will u please tell me in what aspect u ahve build a platform to initiate? this can prove helpful to others who really wants revolution…..

      4. I am 8th grader and i don`t think you have brought the right form of education for today`s school. We cannot enjoy a holiday, and how many of the teachers do you think are following the rule that you are not supposed to beat students.

      5. Hello Suresh,

        We have started a new campaign dream education system where we are collecting ideas from public about education system.

        As you are working on the same platform..can I know more about your project.

      6. yes i join, can u tell me ur methodology is like

    2. Some know. We are working under guidance of our mentor.
      We are building a great Gurukul at the outskirs of B’lore.
      Do mail me at dev.ssy@gmail.com n c http://www.ssy.org. With love,

  2. -read Gandhi on basic education and
    -know Dr. Abdulkalam(president) ‘s views on Education.
    -When profit (economical)enters in ed. then spirit of deeds dies.

    1. we are working on some modification on indian education system externaly as a private body
      after a research of 10 years we have desighn a plateform to initiate. we will be glad if you would like to join us my2bhan@gmail.com

      1. dear friends

        whereas we agree with your concern of changing education for to bring out the creative potential of children but ….

        this system is designed to fail and benifits only the rich. very few children from poorer section go up and they are presented as examples but everybody can never go up in this system.

        the likes of ambanis are looting the country and the cause of most problems not the remedy. also the middle class dream that you seem to recommend for everybody is sucking on the earths resources and there are not enough resources on the earth to give this dream to everybody. and is it desirable ?

        would like to know about your organisation which you say has been working on changes in education.

  3. we all agree with your views, but one thing we don’t seem to realise is how are we going to cough up the money required to make sweeping changes in teh education sector. we are now seeing a shift towards niche careers, at least in the metros. people are exploring new avenues. it is definitely a good sign. awareness about various new and upcoming career options among students and parents is very important to ensure that students are not forced to take up careers they do not have an aptitude in.

  4. New career choices and an openness towards them in the parents is a wellcome sign.

    But this is only among a minor section of society. Again, the motive behind these careers is a merely a job. The technical educaional institute still can offer better results to the society if they understand that their job is education and research and not examinaion and distribution of degreees.

  5. Punjab For fighting, Bengal for writing, Kashmir for beauty, Rajasthan for history, Maharashtra for victory, Karnataka for silk, Haryana for milk, Kerela for brains, UP for grains, HP for appales,
    Orissa for temples, MP for tribals, Bihar for minerals, States for unity India for Integrity

    So Be Proud To Be INDIAN
    Wishing You A Very Happy Independance Day.

    1. hey man why do u left andhrapradesh ? do u know what andhrapradesh for ? IT IS FOR ROYALTY

  6. @mukesh
    @absconding soul
    there seems to be an underlying assumption in the replies that the end result of the revolution is an obvious one.
    i think its worth noting that revolution in education is a norm rather than exception or novelty.
    every new political party in power starts with introducing a revolution in subject of history .recently there was a news about textbooks describing bhagat singh , chandrashekhar aazad etc. as Terrorists. (is it true , false or ambiguous can be personal opinion. but that it is a revolutionary definition,180 degree revolution, is pretty obvious).
    the 180 degree revolutions are general in education , whether india or any other country. in america , clearly one of the most scientific society , the darwin theory of evolution has been replaced from the textbooks with the theory of bible that god created everybody .
    one may think that they atleast have plenty of infrastructure.and they are producing revolutions too. but really is this what one has in mind while talking about the change in education.
    but the thing is whatever ‘one’ has in mind can’t be same for every one. as a democracy , we will be asking for ,not a revolution , but a common minimum program to be implied.
    agenda of its being job, jobs.. and so on.
    so the logical conclusion seems to be that the only way of bringing about a complete and wholesome revolution is by not trying any such thing.

    1. if bhagat singh and all are terrorist then we should say that mahatma gandhi was coward and didnt want to fight .because of that he started the dandi march and all aandolans,..

      1. No use to discuss, the character of leaders needs to be transformed at first priority.How revolution(enlightenment)is possible until and unless their bellies fill.

  7. Respected sir,

    I was really unknown to such wonderful minds and ideas about education.
    It was nice reading and i too would like to write my views and express it,but before can you post some of your thoughts on a topic relevant to this.the topic is “REVOLUTION AND EVOLUTION”. I think your view regarding this topic can give me a more stable platform to pen my thoughts about education system.


  8. Guys, you are missing a few big points:

    look at the Maharashtra Engg/Med admissions : they are an organised loot of students’ money with 50% seats beign allotted to management quota. The “donation” to get those seats is in the range of 3-12 lacs for Engg and 5-32 lacs for Med.

    At least 25% of that goes to ministers and politicians.

    Also, the syllabus is deliberately kept poor, vague and outdated. That is chiefly because the same profs who teach in colleges run classes/tuitions and if they are going to have to learn the latest technology, they wont be able to make that much money ’cause they dont know all the new stuff.

    Also, they dont teach in college coz if they do, students wont come for their classes.

    Also, ministers who otherwise jump to disinvest and gobble up a hefty commission from MNCs arent in a mood to outsource education to foreign univs coz *they* run colleges here which are hopelessly substandard and if they allow outside colleges to setup branches, their colleges will shut down in *months*.

    Finally, although industry can invest, industry also knows the perils of messing around with the ministry. And look at it straight, the more the unemployment the better it is for companies – they need to pay far less since people will do anything for a basic income.

    So, stop thinking about revolution and start thinking about corruption.

    So, “desh gaya bhaad mein – apni dekh aur maja kar”

    god help this country!

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have had the opportunity to study in an alternative education school apart from ‘doing time’ in regular schools and college. What i noticed the most in conventioal education is that there is too much emphasis on facts and figures and not actually learning. What this achieves is to turn education into a chore and rather than stimulating the student, repels them from any subsequent attempts to learn.
    Do i believe the system should change? Yes. Do i believe such a change can be achieved? Hell Yeah. But such a change would not be easy and would actually require that people acknowledge that there is a problem, something that im not sure too many people are aware of.
    Anyway good job on the post.

  10. If you study to remember, you will forget, but, If you study to understand, you will remember — Anonymous

    The Situation : piles of books, parental pressure, peer pressure.
    Task : Complete 25 chapters per subject by the end of the year for the final examinations.
    Memorize! Memorize! That’s the key word.

    Believe it or not, the Indian educational system tests your memory-skills rather than the ‘application of concepts’ in real-life situation. It concentrates too much on the theroetical aspects of topics, rather than focussing on the practical knowledge. All a student needs to do to top his class is:
    1- Read and re-read
    2- Memorize the text (which gets too much for the brain)
    3- Vomit it all out on the day of the examination

    And if you happen to have great mugging-skills, BINGO! You are in the top 5 list of the most “intelligent” students of the class. Is that right ?? That is what has been happening in India since decades, but is it serving the purpose? That is the question.

    The purpose of education is to develop the young minds into beautiful brains. But is that purpose being achieved by judging the intellectual capability of students by taking yearly examinations? Do we need periodic-assessment or the grading system in India?

  11. @ Shah Dhaval,
    Sure, grading sysytem is neede desperately. They talk about it sometimes but dont implement it nationwide. Then there are proponents of the currents system defending the existing percentage marks system stongly. Then there are parents who want to throw there children into fire.

    And why stress on periodic education at all?
    Competitive exams like GRE and GMAT should bethere to take care of selection issues. Let schhols be only for eduation. Evaluation is welcome in schools (not only of students but also of teachers) but evaluation should not become a system of a kind deadly of race among children as it is today.

  12. Its an awesome article and should be printed in the newspaper so that every india can know about it.

  13. our education system needs to be changed ,the present one is rubbish.we must not conduct board exams. instead we must take monthly exams.children in india are loaded with so much syllabus.there is no rest for them.every year there are so many suicides.

  14. what about medium of instruction at early education

  15. Great Article!
    I agree with all the things you said.
    I live in America and after watching Swades I have decided to finish my education finance and economy and go back home and help india create a more imporved planned economy.
    indians are the smartest people on this earth and we have the brains to bulid a great nation.but
    Two things are holding us back one is lack of education and another is politics. until we take care of our government it is going to be tought to created schools which can provide students with eduction that we need.
    we need to educate people to take charge of the lifes and encourage the new generations to get themselves a great education.
    india has the potenial we just need to put an end to corruption or aleast limit it.
    more money in the school system, green revoltion for the framers, and a new and less corrupted gov’t. this are the main changes we need.
    we need Big changes (castsystem must go)
    I intent to become a teacher in india myself

    1. @ SAP This is exactly what we want. Hats off to you…

    2. @ SAP This is exactly what we want. Hats off to you… I decided not to leave to Australia for my higher education after watching Swades. I thought I was the only one influenced by that movie. As long as we dont respect our system, who will???

    3. Really i myself got v much influenced by SWADES and i ll also try my level best to improve my country and it feels gr8 that people like SAP n NIKHIL are doing such things gr8 man all d best n really v r proud of u

    4. Am reading all comments. Good it got lot of response.
      Some of us youths are working on this. Pl. see http://www.ssy.org.
      We are creating a great school in B’lore. Mail me. Did you become a teacher?

    5. SAP i really appreciate ur view……… chaarity begins at home….. ur efforts will surely help in upliftement of our country

  16. I really don’t know why kids dont have freedom in India should let them chose a carr

  17. […] about the Egyptian system, but it seems that this problem is universal, a quick google results in this, this, this , this, … Of course Egypt has its mention as […]

  18. Everything in India took a deep dive in the last two decades. The effect of this dive in education will be felt in the next decade or so. There appears to be some awakening of late and may be if this trend continues India will come out of the gutters it is presently in. The contribution that has been made and that which continues is the effect of the education system of the past. Individual excellence is still possible and with our vast population quality contribution will still be there. The selfish, perverted, power hungry has always played a major role in India, be it the husband with the dowry stick, or the zamindar or the goonda. It is just that these perverted souls have entered the powerful lobby of politicians. When we are yet to completely erase the dowry hazard, what hopes do we have of eradicating these from the governing lobby.

  19. Education has been ok in the past. As mentioned we did have our share of people who have excelled in their spheres. Many more who are less known. We have been a poor country and remains to be one because of our selfishness. In spite of the strides made, applaudable though they may seem, these cannot compare even to an oasis in a desert. Just as every other sector of our activities suffer from a lack of application and excellence, so has education. Yes we have been making strides in spite of our poor performance.

  20. I wd like to current education system that is going on now and what are merits and demerits of it and how to improve those. What changes or suggestions that can be done for glorious India.

  21. I feel the current education system and the private schools are basically focussing on merits of students.more importance is given to students who are good at studies and who fare well in EXAMS.We are lacking behind in understanding the importance of Extra-curicullar activities.Always believe in Quality and Quantity education.

  22. i agree. theres a need to bring revolution in educational system which will have to start from pre-primary level. students need more freedom of thoughts, they have to have their own thoughts instead of setting their minds as per whats written in a book. students have to be given exposure to more artistic subjects like scultpure, carpentry, etc so that we can have our own michelangelo, taipei 101, and othe great people and strutures. what students need is more practical knowlege. they should be able to understand life and how to live it own there without being instructed by anyone. those little angels who enter a school campus with free thoughts, nothing yet stable, have to be given a chance to decide on their own about things.
    a lot has to be done and can be done. we just have to take the first step..

  23. Kudos Mate… u speak my mind…… The The Education System in This Country SUCKS!!!!!

    It Stinks of two factors 1) Money Power& 2) memory Power.

    Nobody Gives a SHIT!!! for Aptitude!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats y half of our south Indian students rush out of India with absolutely no intention of ever returning back…..

  24. This is India’s 60th year of Independence. India has transformed itself from a poor agrarian society to a fast developing Nation. The spectacular strides it has made in science and technology, IT, BT has propelled its economic position in the world. However, this hue and cry about progress and shine is the pre dominance o f an elite few. The 29% spectacular growth India has registered has benefitted less than 0.3% of the population. A lot of disparity does exist between the rich and the poor, between the rural and the urban. The increased farmer suicides, atrocities on women and children, injustice meted out to the poor section of the society religious and caste intolerance still persist in our country. The political turmoil, corrupt leaders, economic injustices, lawlessness etc are the result of the social and political order prevalent in the society. The root of the problem goes down to the very same universities and colleges that educate the people who ferment trouble in the society. Today’s problems are the result of the kind of education we have acquired.
    Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the human character and social order. In fact the real function of education is to impart the genuine knowledge about life, existence and future. A real student is one which seeks the realities of life and universe. But the tragedy is that the contemporary educational system aims only at creating a generation that fulfills the market and industrial needs. The ideology of self centralism is creating ‘ultra individuals’ who are more concerned about their material well being and least bothered about the society and the problems people are facing. The academic intelligentsia is also on a mission to depolitize the campus, curb student activism, isolating them from the emotions of the society. Hence it is not obligatory on the part of the student to be socially responsible. Farmer’s suicides, atrocities on women, political corruptions, and injustices are the subjects that are a taboo for the students. These developments are of far reaching consequences. We are preparing dumb, dead citizens, who are socially inactive signaling the end of freedom and the collapse of democracy.
    Even after 60 years of independence, we are not able to wither away from the impact and influence of our colonial past. Our idea of development is synonymous with that of the west. All our life and modes of governance to education is modeled and designed to promote western thought process. Knowing of English is the symbol of

    progress and modernism. We do not find avenues of higher learning like science & technology in our regional languages. All our references to education are those that are designed, conceptualized and promoted by the westerners. India boasts of its Golden Past. India’s contribution during the medieval past to Mathematics, Medicine, Science and technology, Astronomy are well known. But where is this glory lost now? Why aren’t we not bale to produce such intelligentsia today? Why is our technology dependent on the west? Why is that we need to submit to western imperialism to sustain our development? Why India cannot formulate its own nuclear policy? There are many puzzles and many unanswered questions?
    The root of the problem lies in education. We still follow the colonial model of education. It was designed by the British Viceroy Mc culay to serve their colonial interests. In his own words the purpose of that model was to prepare a class of Indians who are Indians by blood and color, but British in their thoughts. Any education that is bereft of its local culture and ethos is doomed to create problems. We are the citizens of a free India but slaves of the west. We are only free to govern this nation. But how to govern, what policies should be adopted are not in our dominion.
    All these have led to our student force losing its vitality, energy and spirit for a life of struggle, endurance and resistance and have fallen prey to lethargy, immobility and lack of responsiveness towards the society.
    It is in this context that SIO shall address the basic limitations of the contemporary educational system, commercialization of education and the other educational issues, the growing dispassionate attitude towards the society in the youth community and thereby reiterate the need to renovate the society.
    All the students and socially responsible citizens that desire to reconstruct the society should come forward and join hands with SIO in its efforts. Just as a drop of water is powerless, similarly a student alone can do much but if the students energy, talents, vibrancy, passion can be organized and channelized then only can they be the catalyst for the desired change. Stop lamenting, be the torch bearers of truth and prepare oneself for a life of discipline and responsibility.
    Come let us Awaken the Nation!



    # 7 SRK Garden
    Jayanagar (E)
    contact person: MOHAMMED ZUBAIR

  26. this very fact is poking my mind for the last two to three years.our indian education surely needs a revolution.but that need not come from somewhere else.all this revolution can be made out of a unique source, and that is our vedic tradition.
    it is not that we don`t have any billgates or michaeljacksons who were born and educated in our counry.it is that most of such talented persons are justmigrating to other countries for riches.
    our vedic tradition teaches us the fact of simple living and high thinking.it just means to live with contentment,without tempting towards so called “riches”.it teaches us to utilize all or talents and wisdom for the welfare of society.

  27. The very fact that “education system in India needs a change” is poking my mind for the last two to three years.But this change need not come from somewhere else.All the change can be made out with the help of a single source and it is our “vedic tradition.”
    The real problem in our country is not that we dont have any BillGates or MichaelJacksons who were born and educated in our coutry.It is that all such talented persons are migrating to the west for riches.
    Our vedic tradition teaches “simple living–high thinking”.This teaches us to live with cotentment and not to get tempted towards the so called “riches”.It teaches us to utilize all our strength and wisdom for welfare of the country and the society as a whole.This is just an example of how the vedic tradition educates us upto the mark of today`s requirements.In fact all the science is being proved to have its roots in the vedas.
    So I opine that vedic education, with an intellectual approach will surely meet the reqirements of the present Indian scenario.

  28. Good work dude! I have been concerned about India’s education system for past 5 years now. We are badly failing in delivering real graduates who are uplifted by knowledge and are ready to experiment. Though revolution idea is great, remember education is a slow process and we need to build it with strong foundations. These are some actions required,

    1) Role of Government — New Education Policy should give greater autonomy to universities and completely overhaul the system. The govt. should relinquish its control (read HRD ministry) and should assume the role of regulatory commission. This involves doing R&D studies and use of statistics to access the deficiencies and to formulate the vision of the Indian education System. In regard to this, I am very happy with the work by National Knowledge Commission headed by Sam Pitroda. They are doing amazing work to first come up with facts and use them to see what is the best cost effective and integrated solution needed. If any one here doesn’t know who Sam Pitroda is, he is the guy who brought about Telecommunication revolution in India under Rajiv Gandhi. Notice the word revolution!!

    2) Independent Body and Funding agencies — It is very important that politicians do what they do best – make policy (unfortunately in India, even this one job is not done by them right). They can’t direct the next frontier of science, art and technology! There should be a board or panel of eminent scientist, artists, management gurus who are appointed on tenure basis and who constantly upgrade the vision of our Nation. Remember the movement we stop changing and learning, we are out of business. From these should off shoot bodies like National Science Foundation (NSF) etc. which have clear goals for the nation to achieve and would fund various univs for R&D.

    3) Go back to Univs — We need to understand one thing. IIT and IIMs are good, but they were 60 years old ideas. If any one of you has ever pursued higher education in US universities, you know the difference immediately. With everything under one place from Medical to Arts, the students gets to interact with a diverse group of people. Further with more and more interdisciplinary research these days it makes even more sense to open new univs and not just IITs and IIMs. How is a biomedical engineering student supposed to learn if there is no close by Medical institute. Structuring and changing univs to meet future challenges are much easier then these isolated pockets of excellence.

    4) Foreign Competition — A best way to shake a under performing person is to put in competition. This is also applicable to our univs. When foreign univs come in, they will give stiff competition which will make education sector competitive and lucrative. It is high time to open up our education system to free market competition. Look at china which now has many foreign universities centers working there.

    5) Role of Industries — Private industries should be regulated by government to spend more on R&D (at least 5%) and collaborate with univs to find solutions. Further, endowment chairs and gifts to universities will help them maintain quality.

    6) Quality control — It is important that the head of a university is appointed on performance basis and only report to board of governors directly as is done in many US univs. They are like CEOs and have immense power, but also have the risk of getting fired if they don’t perform. This would only allow visionary leaders to survive. This also applies to faculty whose salaries should be partly dictated by competitiveness. Some university presidents in US are ex director of CIA, great economists and political heavyweights ( for example Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, was president of Texas A&M univ; Bob Kerrey is president of New School and former Senator. ).

    7) Role of Media — This completes the loop. The Media should educate general public about things going on and should provide impartial view of events. They act as quality control agents and make leaders accountable. My favorite channels are PBS and C-Span which show interview with authors about their latest books, critical articles on national policy and in general great educational resources. I hardly see that in India. Media completes the loop by giving back the ordinary man the right information he needs to know to take action.

    Only if we have good foundation (including policies) and right people we will stand up against world competition (especially China). Remember, we were once a great knowledge economy. We just have to rediscover our past. Not only that would be our own it will be unique!!

    1. sir you have great views and we also think on same guideline. we are working on some modification on indian education system externaly as a private body
      after a research of 10 years we have desighn a plateform to initiate. we will be glad if you would like to join us .
      you can join us as funders, supporters, knoledge assets etc


  29. Dear Sir,

    I would also like to add to your excellent post regarding Indian Education System, that India needs to focus on developing mainstream research activities and create research mindedness among students, since only through extensive research can we prepare a patent base comparable to the developed nations, giving us a continuos inflow of good foreign exchange for the products developed on these patents.
    The infrastructure and mentoring provided by the educational institutions for R&D is dismal and hence the students have to turn to companies, which take control over the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of the products thus developed. Since these companies are mostly foreign based, the revenue generated gets funneled out into their respective countries.
    I have tried to put forth a standardised education system here:


  30. first of all hats off for analysing such a good topic…the thing is basic system of education should be changed.in foreign countries the students are allowed to take a subject of interest even in their primary schooling.but our students are not given such an oppurtunity.we are studying only on the exam point of view.it should be changed.”a good education is one which makes the students to think”

  31. The Question of the hour should be ………………… soul carriying the body or body carrying the soul . well i must say in todays scenario …………….. it`s body carrying the soul. can anyone reading dare to go out of home leaving asset and comfort to wat he or she thinks would develop and sell it to the world ……………………well i know 0.1% would say yes …….

    basically youth picturises a car …. funky jeans…..tight minis ….. bear …. pub n cafe th gf/bf …..posh locality ……. frenzy life style ……………………………..ofcourse not forgettin the ever admired charm of speakin fluent english ooh ooooh missing to mention a trip to switzerland of europe as whole truth …… and the only truth ………………..well I do is “live alone n live in style” ……..do sth to sell create sth of ur own ……………..fuck this scary life of boredom & security…… critisizing is easy ……. to do is life ………. listen to ur soul n answer is life`s gr8 …….. we deserve the place we are in ……… definitily if not born with .

  32. The education system of India refers to the monument of a person which he gets after education, it leads only the halfway to the effective life. It depends only on a person that , what is his willingness or desires.This education is not enough to the country because it leads only rankers and toppers, then what about the other students of country and their desires and progress of our nation?

  33. Sir,

    It was just Amazing. when i was searching for info on education system of our country, i got your blog.
    From my childhood i used to think about our education system. I’m not telling it is bad, but, it has to be changed.
    Because of our education system, especially secondary higher education, students are struggling a lot. As India’s future is in the hands of youngsters, we have to put our efforts for the change that everyone can believe in. So that, our future generations can have the fruits of our efforts.
    So many children are dying in India out of stress that was caused by teachers, parents,and moreover by society.

  34. India is the important source for manpower for so many countries. There is no palace in world that an Indian cannot enter. We are outsourcing so many IT people. So many Indians are in states. For these people, our government is putting lot of money in the name of subsidies. According to the info i know, every year our country is spending nearly 1000C on these people. If the government can take back this money from them after they get settled, it will be helpful to the rural childern

  35. Hi, a very good view on the indian education system.I think this is the high time we start thinking about the revolution in education system that offers the knowledge not only to make indian brains to work abroad but to bring a greater change in indian economy.We have lot of brilliant brains in our country,there is absolutely no doubt about it.But the point is how many among them are in india at this point. Why?What is the reason they give for going abroad?
    “OPPURTUNITY AND SCOPE”–these are the keywords putforth by almost all the people who crave for going abroad.But we should clearly understand onething that oppurtunities wont come running behind you..rather you have to go behind it.With all these developments today i think if you have the proper talents and knowledge there are companies,industries and institutions who acknowledges you….

  36. i am currently living in NZ and doing and assignment for university based on education in india and NZ. i am also traing to be a teacher. i was thinking how ould my teaching experience and qualification will impact in education in india, if i wana teach there. there are heaps of issues in nz too but are usully solved. the ongoing problem in idia about girld should not be sent to school has no space to stand for it….

  37. Its a good article and the views of other readers are very impressing. As a lecturer, I would like to impart my views on this topic. The present indian educational system is not what everyone complains about it. Our curriculum and teaching methods are not less than anyother nation. There is a severe fault in the operation of the system. As per the AICTE norms, an engineering institution should have all said infrastructures and produce the real engineers not just engineering graduates. On the other hand the reality is different. Due to corruption, many new institutions got away with the requirements. And the monitoring authority is so corrupt that it is going on non-stop. Somebody has to do something about it. The students who went for higher education in USA and other countries tell me that they could learn faster the technology that they come across. Our system even in its bad shape could make the students sharp. We have to fight the corruption that ruins it. India is in a bad shape in most fields due to one factor that is Corruption. What we are going to do about it? If we can minimise the level of corruption, there will be a great change taking place in every system in India and we will be the powerful nation of intellectuals with advanced science and technology. Lets stop corruption!

  38. Hi,
    A topic on which I myself have been thinking a lot myself. Getting stuck on one point though, If I open a school, but do not want to follow the set pattern of education prescribed by different Boards like CBSE etc, but actually want to have a teaching methodology which creates leaders instead of followers, am I allowed and still have board’s affiliation intact?

    1. Am reading all the comments. Good it got a lot of response.
      Some of us youths are working on this. Pl. see http://www.ssy.org.
      We are creating a great school in B’lore. Mail me.

  39. good u think of it.work on it gather few who think on such issues.as 1 out of 1000 will think like this.
    its good that we are aware of the truth but we must have the courage to act upon it and stand for it at any cost. we can form committee n find measures to produce innovators n not the second handers.Man have taught dependence as virtue which create mutual corruption. so need to make our base very strong by getting knowlege n education not just schooling.

  40. A very good discussion,excellent,but a discussion only at last…..Guys ,instead of always discussing and giving views,try to do something…

    sochte to sab he,karta koii nahi he,,,,,dont think ki koi aega aur kuch karega is system ke liye…
    If you really want to do something,then gather and make a team then do something…instead of alwayss discussing…okkk..1000’s of people like us are discussing every day on such topics …

  41. reply if anybody want to do something……

  42. pretty good ! was looking for more facts n figures

  43. Hi, Soon there will be a hindi version of this post…keep on checking…

  44. that was great,it extended my knowledge.sir can you please help me in prepration of the topic ”education and employment.an unholy nexus between degree and education”

  45. Great, Thank you so much for this wonderful article and discussion on current INDIAN education, we are all waiting for the revolution, I will do my level best for revolution.

    1. ya only react is not enough but if u think there should b revolution in system first u have to act then every one surly join u if all wait’s for some one then who will start ? go head start by ur self

  46. this article has not been that helpful,but the responses have helped me..thank you.

  47. article is good but are you doing some efforts to eliminate the obsolete Indian education system???? if yes than please tell me hoe , when and where? As i am interesting to open a kindergarten in india. I want to do some innovations in this field.

    1. Am reading all comments. Good it got lot of response.
      Some of us youths are working on this. Pl. see http://www.ssy.org.
      We are creating a great school in B’lore. Mail me.

  48. So, what is the solution? I think heavy syllabus is the root cause. Who decides this syllabus? The person responsible for deciding on this syllabus should be contacted to reduce the syllabus. Does anyone know who is the contact person? Is it the education minister or is it some bureaucrat or a team of professors? They must first understand that a change is required in the syllabus so that students get enough time to understand and learn. Respondents of this forum can unite together to send a memorandum or meet the persons concerned to reduce the load on the students.
    Shall we mail to someone in this website


    I thank Mr. Hitendra for starting such a wonderful discussion

  49. good, topic one has to think more about it.

  50. good to see these thoughts and i feel happy that still people are there to think about india’s future. In TN, in the remote place we have planned to start a well infra structured school, with good quality of education.. there will be a normal syllabus which government approved.. and we framed a syllabus in our mind that we planned to implement..

    Syllabus should be with more of practicals and life time realities.. These syllabus should teach at all classes/standards with professionals. The syllabus consists of

    1. Social responsiblity which a man should have..
    2. About agriculture.. (backbone of india)
    3. Laws
    4. to develop india’s own handicrafts
    5. current politics
    6. rescue / first aid / road safety / fire safety


    any one may also suggest the syllabus where we can really make the change in society.. atleast for the forthcoming generations.

    these subjects should not be in specialised subjects and should be in all the standards..

    dream… start implement.. and be ready to see the results….

    lets hope we can change the better india in another few decades…

  51. i am very happy to see good number of response has come from people on this topic. The article is very informative. The people of india are waking up. but the politicians are in deep sleep or acting sleep.

    We can not forget the moral education in primary level what we used to get. Only with this education, scrupulousness may be developed. For eradication of corruption this will be the strong weapon.

  52. Dear HS,
    I liked your single liner….yes we have to create a society and develop thurst in our kids so that they ask for more education, than only they will become “SAD” at end of the day.
    before that it’s important to create right systems, if you check NIC.com, you will realise that the funds are not reaching to the roots.
    We cann’t be a watch dog, we also have to come up with solutions…like someone said…”if you can find a problem, you must have thought of a solution too” which is missing, need real focus on that part……you may write to me on my mail ID too, as we’re like-thinkers.

  53. Nice inputs from everybody. Here I would like to add a few thoughts of my own.

    Having studied in this system for the past so many years, one realizes how inappropriate and impractical it is when one looks for jobs outside. The current educational system does not teach the skills required in the actual world, but, through pressure and force, one learns how to mug up things and later forget it. This is not education. Every individual has two types of learnings, one that we get from our parents, which teachs us our culture and ethnicity, and the other that we get from the society, through experience. Each individual has some unique quality which is what he/she is made for. It is our duty, till we are alive, to find this quality in us, so that we attain success and contribute towards the development of the society.
    Unfortunately, the current educational system in our country considers every student the same, and hence each of us face a standard curriculum, irrespective of our interests. The syllabus in the schools has not changed with the changing needs of the society. We still tend to follow the same old course of study, disregarding the fact that this is the time to innovate and improve. We are now in a competitive society which demands improvement every minute, and this cannot be ignored any longer.
    Here, I would like to suggest a teaching method caller Montessori method, developed by Maria Montessori. This system does not involve any books or lectures, and also does not segregate students depending upon their age group, instead it encourages individual thinking. Every person in this type of system is allowed to do/study/ develop the skill he/she believes to be best suited for. This does not involve pressurizing people and any job done would be done with complete concentration and interest. It would also boost confidence in the doer and not demoralize him/her. We should encourage the individuality of a person and then only would we be able to develop a society of free thinking people, who work towards their growth and betterment, which in turn would benefit the entire society.


  54. i completely agree with your valuable points to enlighten the educational system in india…..

    a complete revamp of our educational system is required,every children should be given the freedom

    of choice to decide their interest in their life or carrer

  55. it is precisely for this reason that i decided to put my son in ib world school. boy is he enjoying wow!!!!!!!. today he wass cross with his mother for not allowing him to go. it took some time to realize that it was a saturday. point is how many cbse students would be willing and eager to go like this?? very few at all. key word is that innovative thinking does not come out of rote learning . the graduates we are producing will not be taken by the markets anymore. unless there is intreset in doing things nothing much can happen. till then parents can go shopping for the nearest dps and likes. anyway informative post

  56. “Education which encourages entrepreneurship”

    I also feel that we need more people who think beyond MNCs and comfortable work place with fat salaries. There are hardly much institutes who focus on entrepreneurship.

    Govt should start new courses in this field.

  57. MR.Vikash Tayal I share the same views as yours.I too am planning to set up a unique education system which will do away with all the demerits of the current education system.All the elit people who can come up with ideas which can help me in carrying out my mission are most welcome.An idea can change the world around us ,so all creative souls ,do post in your suggestions at my email id:kittyagarwalin80@hotmail.com

  58. The Director / Secretary,

    Respected Sir,

    I want to share my views on my practical life & studied / think on truth. Now, I request you to research or think for children always.

    (1) World should be full of thinking like Swami Vivekananda & Buddha because they gives education on truth / developments. You may think better / best.
    (2) As I borne in 1956 and not seen the independence of India or other things. I
    Visited all parts of India and not visited aboard, Hence the following details is of
    India. Why the word God & other words like Atma, Permatma, Deowata (Man),
    Devias’ (Females) in Hindi are there can be cleared by educators of Shastras’
    Or can be seen in temples of India, which is harmful for children. It is like
    Animals as we eat.

    Page No.24 (18th line) To-day the Education given to females is not good. We should
    give progressive & truth education and it is not only from the books.
    Page No.68 (12th line) If we think & ask them, they have nine lives in INDIA like
    Cats and boys are dying like houseflies.
    Above written in Hindi Book —— Bhartiya Nari
    Written by Swami Vivekananda

    This is the reason that INDIAN SAINTS don’t marry
    Wife is so kind to her Criminal Guru / Educator
    Who is thirsty for blood of males & People are slaughtered in remote areas
    100% literacy to save the children & betterment of all females

    Education of Shastras’ / Ethics should be simple to know like 2+2=4 by everybody through school educations and should be added in world educational curriculums to think always for children / others. In the World all religion has females & male. How to identify peoples by religion??? Why all these religion has been created????? Think about agricultural farmers who are really innocent people & give us food by their hard working thought out their life & others who don’t think or do harm for you.

    Page No.18 (10th line) If you think like Christ, you will be Christ or if you think like
    Buddha, you will be Buddha.
    Page No.47 (10th line) The pride of man is due to his thinking and man are different
    from animals due to his thinking power only.
    Above written in Hindi Book —— Vedanta In Practical Life
    Written by Swami Vivekananda

    The children / people should not be considered / used like goats, houseflies, cows etc. You must have read / heard about killings their own relatives in Mughals. The same way people are hanging or slaughtered in remote areas by Guru / Educator under wrong education by Shastras’ / Ethics. Regularize the good work by adding Rs.5/= or Rs.10/= in monthly tuitions fee and a specific teacher should be deputed for this work in all schools very easily to think & explore through students and parents / others. At present I am writing about the group who is involved in murder of Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi former PM of INDIA.

    We can think like doctors who learn from animals or on dead bodies & think for basic to powerful / best medicine to save people the same way scientists learn non-stop for developments. Please be a doctor or scientist for children’s education and 100% possible by thinking / competitions / interactions. Please reach to a simple education of Shastras’ / Ethics like 2+2=4 by arranging competitions or interactions for children / others & reach to the best world / abstracts free life for everybody.

    In India a female slap a person by any reason, other peoples will beat him and if he is alive can say facts. We can think on this for a basic medicine / education to save a child.

    Further you may think about wife who is so kind to her Criminal Guru / Educator, both are thirsty for blood of males and other side one boy or girl is there and rest world is one side, think that who will die instead of kids. Those people who want to save children should think & educate in schools or everywhere. By thinking on this the best solution / education / medicine you can think for children. Can a queue of police or army or people may be slaughtered turn by turn automatically as shown in temples? By this children may be saved from slaughtered in remote areas / direct education.

    In politics also, We can choose a party to rule for fixed period and next time no need of election wastage of time / mind / money, automatically next party will rule if the party realize that last party has over estimated for development then the party can refuse to take charge and last party have to fulfill the commitments & develop more, other party may cooperate to best for the public as copilot. Instead of this, a full school students may be 5000 with their teachers can think best solution on the problems about children / others as a supreme power or prime miniters. This team should think good or best work for the children / people / world. All people / politicians should be safe like others.
    You may save children by True Education & Mind
    Associations of Doctors / Scientists / Schools & Colleges
    A good work can be done regularly even by donation of Rs.1/= for children / others and abstract free life for everybody Automatically
    C/o Hiralal Bhagwati Prasad 12/2 Sobharam Baisakh Street
    Upper Bazar, Ranchi – 834 001 Kolkata – 700 007
    Ph. : 0651-2200166 # 2203279, Mob. : 09831822701 Ph. : 033-22597321 # 22597429

  59. master hitendra,
    i truly agree with ur thoughts they are put up beautifully. and as being the citizen of india i will surely try to make the education system in india more good than what it is now…………

  60. We always talk about problem and solve but tell me one thing how many of us take some action plan. I am working a working professional but I spend 2 hrs thrice in a week giving lesson on maths to a private primary school and I get paid nothing for that. This is not the time making realised other but You guys better realised and rather saying big talk do some action.

  61. We always talk about problem and solve but tell me one thing how many of us take some action plan. I am a working professional but I spend 2 hrs thrice in a week giving lesson on maths to a private primary school and I get paid nothing for that. This is the time to take some action plan I would have appreciated you if you would have done some thing in this regard dont forgrt that charity begins at home

  62. Whatever the things you said i agreed with all the points but solution of those problem are not suggested by you.

    I am tring to give you a solution of thoses problems.
    1) First of all we have too pay more to the teachers as compared to any other field then diffenatly you will get highly qualified and experiencd people which will make this professtion novel.
    2)The government should build the world class school in all over the countary provided that free of cost eduation till 12th standard for poor student at least .
    3)Education should not became the bussiness for that goverment should put eye on education system.
    4) The pass out student who start earing we will start apply Education tax on them for development of world class education .

  63. I guess what you said was awesome. I mean it sounds awesome…..a revolution is what a 10th class student will ask for when she has to leave her passion and study all day….complete all assignments before the deadline….and keep up with the draining tutions…….but could someone please start it? i mean i would love to do something bt im so busy with my study schedule thet i dont havetime to pursue just…..anything so i would like to advice you to do somthing cuz blogging out would not get you anywhere except vent out your current feelings…….

  64. talking about revolution in education and PPP is ok but the scene that has emerged with mushrooming of private educational institutions have become only business enterprises and money making propsitions. The social concerns and educational excellence have bcome tertiary not even secondary. Some regulatory autonomous authority should monitor these institutions failing which higher education in the country will completely destroyed.

  65. just nothing. But your blog is saying truth. we can trust u

  66. As for as the mushrooming of private educational institutions is concerned my opinion is different. No doubt there are many people who opened institutions with the aim to earn more and more money. But if you go for a survey you will find there are many private institutions which are contributing very well in the noble job. They are not charging huge money. They are rendering their services economically weaker people. The need is to conduct surveys and categorize the private institutions are per their services and their fee structures.

  67. “Level of load to be given on Kids Education, they must feel freedom”

    Character : ASHU

    There are two type of business where the customer is totally handicapped. One is School Education and other is Medical/ Hospital in both cases we are forced to followt the instructions. Once we get hostipalized Just do as Doctor said and pay whatever charges they charge else risk is your. Same in Schools either you like the system or leave. When we go with complaint they said You take your child back or if we shout our kid will suffer.

    Ashu is studying in class I (CBSE) school, he has its capacity of learning and the capacity of giving time for education. He has many subject to learn Eng, Eng-I, Hindi, Hindi-I, Maths, Maths-I, GK, Social Studies, Moral Science, Craft, Drawing other activity. In school during his routine class he either get note in the diary about the Homework or gets mark in the workbook itself for homework. As a classwork get somework to write once and read once and learn table else “ put you heads down”. “no noice”……because teacher is busy in writing note in diary ….no-doubt writing a note in diary will take atleast ½ of the day because there are 40-60 students in a class. Now it is a duty of Parents to teach Ashu and help him to complete his Homework.

    Now the problem comes when exam starts, because during the entire period before exam Ashu’s knowledge is almost nill. Syllabus and time table is so tuff that it becomes very difficult to manage. 40-50 words in a day in Hindi and English both subject, 4-5 lines answer to learn , two papers in a day. Look at the Ashu’s condition at the end of the day he becomes so tired which can’t express in words. Exams are going on and the syllabus is very tough so he is not allowed to go out no TV and Entertainment. Mother also gets tensed and become aggressive on kids.

    Now my question is whether do we need this much syllabus for the kids to learn , what will we get if Ashu gets 100% marks in his I class. Will he get direct admission in college or will he get Job or there will be no entrance exam for the competitive exam or he will be awarded and known as a most studious child.

    Why Govt. has allowed private school to run their own books, not NCERT books is it because of handsome earning. Each school has selected there publisher and a selected book seller. The purpose for the school is not to provide max books for max knowledge but maximum books means maximum commission. The difference between LKG’s G.K book and HKG’s G.K book is only the change in the sequence of chapter rest all is same, still parents has to buy new one that to is on MRP only and the only option available with parents.

    Govt. should make some rules and bound these private school. Our aim should be to provide an education as a day activity rather than as a burden. We are giving load to these kids who relly don’t know what it is. It is just like “Celebrating ASHU’s 1 or 2nd Birthday. Ask yourself for whom we are celebrating this party. Ashu don’t even know the guest either by name or by face, he don’t understand what is going on, why so many people are there. He never know the meaning of Gifts, decoration, music and not worried about the menu u decided and the size of the cake u get for him. One thing is sure that he will start cry and will get irritate due to rush and now parents will be busy in looking after him. So wait for the day when Ashu know the meaning of his own Birthday celebration. Same way education level should be designed according to the Age level.

  68. I think the education system in India sucks…they insist them to studt their regional language and later they dont respect the other guys who study the ther languages especially in tamil Nadu….i know a student Prashanthi she was a topper in 10th grade in State and in 12th she opted for sanskrit and got a total more than the Regional language.
    This is the plight in India.Will there be a solution?

  69. hlo Sir.. ur article is very good.. we all r hoping for this overhaul for a long time .. n the time has now come to act.. v r d future.. lets b d future..
    beula kerketta

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    So many of us want to do something to bring about a reform in our education system. It’s very hearty to know that. Anyways it’s time to organize the ideas here:


    1. How to remove the job motive behind all educational pursuits? Is it wrong to be motivated by a job?
    2. How to prevent education from becoming a business?


    1. When profit (economical)enters in ed. then spirit of deeds dies.


    1. Generating so much money.
    How much money would we need? Can someone give the exact (the best possible) figures?

    Ideas needed:

    1. To publicize the nice careers.


    1. Read Gandhi and Dr. Kalam’s views on Education. Can someone summarize their views via a comment for the benefit of us all?

    I’ve organized only part of the comments.

  71. Webmaster, I accidentally included some junk content also along with my comment. Duh! Please remove my last comment. Thanks.

  72. any government wether it is BJP or it is CONGRESS , is having a long term and thinkful planning for, to distroy the younger generation . This is because they do not want us to be Alert , Aware of Real life & world .They just want us to be in Enesthetic condition ,so that they could do all that crimes and curruptions they want to do ,freelly and without any oppose . They do not want us to do revolutionery acts which could kill them .

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  74. ANDHRA PRADESH FOR ROYALITY ,Punjab For fighting, Bengal for writing, Kashmir for beauty, Rajasthan for history, Maharashtra for victory, Karnataka for silk, Haryana for milk, Kerela for brains, UP for grains, HP for appales,
    Orissa for temples, MP for tribals, Bihar for minerals, States for unity India for Integrity

  75. this post is very nice but i would like you to put light on present education system .

  76. I am a Student of Gujarat National Law University and I am often very frustrated with the previlent education system i wont put forward any views of mine here as of now however i am strongly willing to do anything for bringing about a change in the present system. When i talk about the flaws of the educational system with my other college mates they discuss about it for a while then they ignore it as though nothing can ever change. I want to first try and remove this pessimism present in many campuses like ours. If there is something that can be immediately done please delegate some work to me and i will be highly obliged.

    1. Am reading all comments. Good it got lot of response.
      Some of us youths are working on this. Pl. see http://www.ssy.org.
      We are creating a great school in B’lore under our mentor.
      Mail me.

  77. i am an engineering student. i think our education must need some reforms. it unfortunate to believe that many of students complete engineering only for jobs. they hate doing PhD rather than mba,mca. eventually our technical advancement is less when compared to other countries. i found that many of my friends just by heart the formulas to attend local entrance examination.practical teaching must start from childhood onwards.

  78. Impact of present Educational system on the future generation..is indeed an alarming issue…it makes us put on our thinking caps and come with a solution which can best suit to the needs of the hour. Making our young generation exam-centered and depriving them from experiencing the real world around them which provides ample oppurtunities of learning by itself, is a crime being committed by so many educators today.
    Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme prescribed by the CSE board from this session has rought a ray of hope. If implemented properly, it will definitely be helpul to nurture the blooming talents and shape their personalities in the correct form. The main focus at this moment should be to make a wise decision in selecting the teachers who are shouldered that responsibility.

  79. I agree with the revolutionery system of education in India but for the strong presense you should have to be strong with your physic also so, I suggest a year break after 12th standard and during this break you have to do some activities like games/body building or some military training and certified courses should start by central government to improve this field after gaining this certificate you can continue to further studies

  80. a master piece.plz continue writing such wonderful articles

  81. dis is an excellent article which makes every student nd graduates think about de quality of system dey have studied in………………………………………………………………..

  82. dis is an excellent article which makes every student nd graduates think about de quality of system dey have studied in………………………………………………………………..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  83. i respect the thinking the nasacity of change and the thinking of requirement of change.
    the same i am working on since last 10 years and planned a platform to startwith to initiate the change at the basic education system from out side as a external body, as it can be started at a low cost. i started it alone but now many people joined me to proceed ahead.
    we will definalety achive the goal but what we need is to start!!!!!!!!!!
    as we are totaly a private body, so we invite the people of same thinking to join hands with us to lead.
    any body interested can catch me on my2bhan@gmail.com

  84. highly impressed by ur artical really well writen ………….& best of lucky 4 future……

  85. I have done part of my schooling at DPS RKpuram and graduation from IIT Delhi, and the education system at both places sucked big time.

    I worked hard and got into IIT ,believing it was a dream come true. True I learnt a lot in those four years….almost all of it from fellow mates…and nothing inside classrooms………

    With IITs, its rote learning across almost all departments. The only things students are interested in is in getting a job. And most students do get one ( in investment banks or consultancies).
    The environment inside the campus is not one bubbling with creativity and innovation but a closed loop of rat races…all around. It all comes down to higher marks and better jobs……The quality of teaching is pathetic, and as somebody mentioned earlier..IITs are only producing engineering graduates and not engineers………..

    Most of us have seen the movie 3 idiots which very aptly puts the message across in one of the songs
    ” Give me sum sunshine
    Give me some rain
    Give me another chance
    I wanna grow up once again”

    I know we cannot do that …..,,,but we can give a chance to the generations to come to have a more fulfilling education….and a better life….

  86. An Essay on Education – Retooling of Education System in India
    Analysis of Education Sector in India including present trend, thoughts & investment opportunity analysis. It you are a student or Parent reading the same, request kindly share with all secondary & above students and parent that you know. If you are an Academic Professional or you run an academic institution, kindly organize a debate on topic Retooling of Education system (Report date 31st May 2010

  87. one of the most influencial essays ever read…education has made us think in a traditional way….even if we want to run away from marks n grades and sink into the pool of innovations and creativity,we cannot as it is against our nature and culture……………..
    indians are top class employees but are horrible leaders…….just because of our education………….

  88. I am a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of Calgary, Canada. The system here insists that the grades scored by a student should be kept confidential. I find this very sensible since this avoids any unhealthy competition among the students. I wonder,why we cant have such a system in India. After all, students are expected to study due to their interest in the subject and not for topping the exams.
    Why don’t we let the student know his/her grades without publishing it. Scoring low grades at school does not always mean that he is going to lose in life. The student may have many other exceptional talents.

    What ever the type of examination be, I think that the grades scored by the students should never be published by any means.

  89. We all are taking about marks, grades and % age to be scored. But in my opinion it would be better we change the fundamental syllabus. Stereotype of syllabus is in general and that needs to be changed. Method has to be changed from the traditional way of teaching. Scoring, marks will fall in place when a student knows what he/she is studying. Up gradation of strategy in teaching & method of approach (i.e., percentile system instead of grades, research on the topic instead of studying standard syllabus books and so on) needs to be done.

  90. Dear friends,
    Hats off to all. I think u all are narrow minded in publishing ur views.why are u posing all the backlocks of indian educational system over the Govt.It is primarily our fault to encourage such system.The present educational system which we are now following was left over here by british.After independence the eminent personality Dr.Ambedkar,who had written our constitution had further added the clause of Reservation to socially backward classes.It was relevant over that time as there were alot of caste discriminations.However he was genuinely intelligent enough to ensure that the Reservations will be entertained only for a duration of 20yrs from then. Those prescribed 20yrs had passed away 40yrs back but still we need reservations…!
    Tell me Frankly how many SC’s & ST’s who are economically backward and really are in the need of reservations are utilising it.These 40yrs have recorded a lot of changes in indian economy, politics, indutry, services etc.Its not an exaggeration to quote here it also built a powerful dynasty of low class rich ppl(politicians).This had build up a disgusting educational scenario where students inspite of banding resevations are encouraging them to avoid competition and getting fruit out of that…
    The reservation is the Evil policy prevailing only in india apart from the rest of the world.Are we incompetent? Cant we compete? Cant we strive for the excellence? Cant we prove ourselves worthwhile?
    In present scenario the answer is “NO” we can’t.
    We were Habituated to accept the professionally obliged, knowledgeless individuals to lead our country and even represent our country through various professions like doctors,engineers,MBA’s,politician’s etc.
    Let us consider a small eg: a small kid with a lot of creativity will tap up his skills infront of a rigid teacher who restricts him/herself to bookish knowledge.
    That’s wat is happening in india the intelligent and dynamic students who are unable to explore themselves in india are flying abroad were opportunities are awaiting them.
    DESTROY DISCRIMINATIONS,ABOLISH RESERVATIONS,ENCOURAGE INDIVIDUAL SKILLS FROM THEIR CHILDHOOD,AWARD THE WINNER,build up their self-confidence.and that’s more than enough.The Indian youth don’t need any directions/guidance. They can pave their own path .just support them and treat all equally.

    1. actually you are right. we need a revolution but not in education ,but against the corrupt people. indian school owners are treating this sector as money making industry.private schools are charging more but giving less, similar to the marketing strategy more for less and for govt, schools less for less.govt is making effort but the shit pollitical leaders, officers and other authorities are taking it as a chance of making more money and do not think about the poor people who can not afford the primary education in these schools.

  91. It is never too late , there is always dark before sun and Rome was not built in a day.According to Wordsworth, A nation is built by the person of strong character, let us hope for the best as it is not wise to go in more depth.

    1. I am an MBA student of JBIMS and will be presenting some of the the above mentioned points in the annual function.
      We are also working on betterment of current education system.All of us are aware of corruption and politics that is degrading the system.Lets not curse it and join hand in hand to bring about the change.
      If you have suggestions please contact/sms me on 9860493724 or Suhas.Wakchaure@mastek.com

  92. No education system can teach anybody how to become innovators or entrepreneurs or artists.

  93. Dear people,

    Education system cannot teach anyone to become an innovators or entrepreneurs but it will lay a strong foundation in doing some thing in a channelized way. There are instances that a highly qualified person failing in doing business and at the same time we have an instance that a hardly educated person doing a multi billion business. What matters the most is how you approach and what your idea is. I am running around for adopting a school where we can collaborate international standards and implementing it here in India so that the idea of basic education is full filled across the country. As in the earlier post now a days education system has become a business where people look for “High Returns” so my project is still sitting in the presentation level.

    What i was trying to say is “It is not only the system we have to change, it is the standard, thinking, approach has to change”.

  94. Hats off to all.
    I think we need to eradicate the corruption from our nation.
    How many of you think that suicide is equals to murder…….?
    Why our farmers suicide, instead they must shoot corrupt politicians…..?

    Aam Aadmi .. The Mango Man 🙂

  95. huy guyzz…i have made a presentation on the same…please do see it by copying the link below..we really need to take it seriosly…before it’s too late…!!


  96. Excellent post ! I agree to all the views stated above
    Indian education really needs to go though serious changes !

    I have recently started a new online journal “SMU” which is becoming a place to discuss ideas regarding the Indian education system. Check it out here, it’s got articles on various problems in edu system in India (and comparisons with edu sys abroad) – http://www.stopmanufacturingus.com

    Also, on SMU we want to publish YOUR article too! Have your say!

  97. I hope lots of people inspired by your attempt to create a new system of education. I was also looking for something like this. But i would like to know what kind of reforms you are planing to make in the system. And if somebody wants to join it with the same willingness as you are having what should he do?

    Mitesh Jain.

  98. The post is very inspiring hoping for people to take it seriously.

    Thanks for sharing this post

  99. The Global indian international school has a full featured environment in which children can learn and play.

  100. Here in INDIA EDUCATION is not that much gud, we are suck with old syllabus that never help in future .
    and teachers in the schooling were makes us to MUG – UP like write 10 times this answer the child will do home work in a MUG – UP way this is the main problem in our education system.They don’t know why they are leaning for what purpose ?

    Practical way of teaching helps in many ways like if they tell in practical way the children can remember easily they never forget if they are attending for exams they vill write in there own world at last they vill have concept to write.

    “If the teacher teaches the advantage and disadvantage of PLASTIC.But no student take oath not use plastic.Till this moment plastic are been used which is surely spoil the future.Same way student mug up or learning.But never aware of why are learning. ”

    There should lot of changes in our edu sytem like the school are college should be fully highly educated faculty,library,practical work,sports.

    They should be teach in a practical way


    This is bec of lack of knowledge in Studies and more over if they have gud percentage they don’t have gud communication skills, If they have gud communication skills they don’t have percentage . All these bec of platform is not gud in there schooling. if they aware of communication system,personality development e.t.c. They may not face any problem in there graduation.

    there are somany unfit college first of all UN recognizances them and remove from education system and they should providing highly educated faculty and labs also.like this
    We can improve our education system.


  101. dear sir.

    i have read all article and all comments which have been given by lots of great people of india . i want to give one suggestion that do something in your level as much you can do. don’t wait that he will do. india have big problem that good people are not speak because they think about their family,relatives,friends,society etc.when they will start then you can remove all the problem .
    the biggest problem in the india is corruption in every sector. i have one friend he is leaving in USA one day when i was talking with him. we were discussing about india then he told me inida is that country if you have money you can do everything what you want . so please remove the corruption which is the big problem for us. take action don’t wait.

  102. thanks for all of you. which gave good suggestion i hope everybody will think about this.

  103. Great article on education system in India. One of the best article I ever come across recently. Keep it up.

  104. true… not sure who said this, but it still rings true: I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

  105. @above user;

    one must accept ur view….and lets try relentlesly to implement that…

  106. too gud yr..you have really hit at the dot…

  107. sir i amgree with you. indian education system must be chaged,becouse our education is totly rot learing.

  108. sir. our education system is only based on, how the students are memorizing the lessons and all. we have to change that system first, and then some one have the capacity to write in his own and possible to put his personal views on that also. what happen to others who in an average or in below average? we have to give some special care to those students and bring his intellectual to world.

  109. i am a 8th grader and i don`t think you have the right kind of education for today`s school. We don`t have anything to analyze or think about all you need to do is practice all the answers as given in the notes and produce them in exam papers and you will get out of out marks what is the use learning like this you will only develope saved computers or workbook for future not persons who can invent or discover something new .I am extremely sad because this is coming from someone so young as me, i pity for myself and all the others studying in this kind of education. Please take a bit of consideration into this and reply me.

  110. I am from Karnataka (Bangalore) and lately having Dusare holidays but i am not enjoying them because i have lots of homework to do not the analyzing ones seeing the book and writing nearly 30 pages in each subject may be even more . My parents are against this kind of homework but our school won`t agree if I don`t write . I think we should change this kind of education . studying should be passion for children not burden. you are right we need a revolution and we need it fast.

  111. Yes! You are right. Have you ever seen the history/geography/english books of our education system a great bore, just see those encyclpedias for children, or kids book of west….such comprehnsive knowldege they provide, and keep aside the pleasure one gets from reading them, illustrations, questions, puzzles, …
    Our books have become nothing more than a source of answers to the questions in the exam paper.
    It just points toward onething how backdated the system has become.
    I m an MBBS student, and even in this field its about teaching topics that would be coming in exams, there are o field works, we dnt get to see cases as they should have been. We wait for internship where we would be able to see patients and learn in the process ofcourse we will be supervised, but its only that year where we will learn something of value.
    Education in India needs to be changed

  112. I liked the Article and thinking about…….

  113. There is a need to change Indian education system….Including more practicals will give better understanding for the children.

  114. Stumbled upon this post while doing some research. A very good post and many of us are aware of the dismal education system but then are clueless about doing something.

    And to change something we must become a part of it and do something about it. Our education system needs a rethink from primary to higher education.

    And with a mission to change this pitiful scenario, Nurture International School has developed curriculum based on the concept ‘Compete with Self’ for children from primary to higher secondary. Slowly but steadily we are nurturing our young minds not only to become innovative and creative but a good human being and a citizen of the world.

    Do check our website, I am sure you all will like it and if any suggestions, do drop by.

  115. Seriously there is a requirement for india to change its education system. We are having a system where instead of nurturing the inner talents of a child we force him to get into a Rat Race where he just tries to mug beyond his capacity and get marks out of it by vomiting it all at the answer sheet…!
    And at the end he graduates with nothing solid within him and learning nil.
    Atleast we can start up bringing a change by introducing courses or projects within the edu-years of college that they take up during vacations or free time that help that in some way.
    Change We Need..
    -from a student.

  116. It has been said that the system mostly produces robots who possess an amazing capacity for storing facts and churning them out at the press of the right button. Qualities like independent thinking, problem-solving ability, initiative, leadership skills and social competence fall by the wayside as getting high grades becomes their only goal.
    I enjoyed the article and share similar concern. You may like to visit my website http://www.freedomgraphicnovel.com, this site offers a graphic novel to highlight this problem and also search for a solution.

  117. Improving the Education system in India.

    by Ajit A.( Dr Ajit Agrwal)
    (Modified 3rd version after more feedback and discussion)
    The aim of education is to deal with real life situation and make someone able to earn his livelihood.. The system should teach someone to learn to acquire and update his knowledge so one can keep updating his knowledge for rest of his life.
    I would like to teach primary and secondary education up to class 12, but our government cannot afford to do provide free education to every kid including all girls in India. The total budgetary allocation for education is less than 4% of total budget and it does not appear that we can do so in coming 10 years or more. The short cut will be to give the basic education up to 14 years and after some training in the area they are interested in and let in them do the particular job. Thus they can earn at earlier age for themselves and India. One way India can be happy is to educate huge number their human capitals, so that they could be employed to do some job, possibly of their own choice. For this and other reason we need some changes in our education system. The aim should be that every one could be employed to do some job and I hope this will increase the growth of India by 50% and it will be a worthwhile long term investment.
    I feel the Education system in India could be divided into two components:
    1. Up to class 7, every student should be taught those subjects which are essential for every human being viz:
    a. Computer
    b. English language
    c. Mathematics
    d. EPH (Elementary Physiology and Hygiene),
    e. There would be one subject consisting of bit of Economics, Duty of Indian citizen, Sciences, Geography, History, Value based education and a brief idea of other subjects etc.
    f. Mother tongue language eg Hindi, Urdu, Bengali or south Indian Language, where one does not have to pass an examination. Learning the local language will help to communicate with local people of different age and background.

    The school hours should be about 5 hours which would allow ample time to study whatever the students want to study Viz Arts, Music, Literature etc, or whatever they are interested in.
    In class 7 there should be more emphasis and expert evaluation on what they want to do in future depending on their aptitude and interest. It may be difficult to decide at class 7 as what one wants to do in future and some one may take a break for one year or so and try to see where his interest lies. They should know the different jobs and should have some work experience of the job they seem to like under supervision of expert. We would like to decide what they are best in, but it should not prevent them to change their profession at a later date, which I suppose should happen rarely.
    2. After class 7, one should be taught for 2-7 years their specialized Subjects, which will be their profession viz teacher, Scientist, doctor, agriculture, Politician, sportsperson etc. Someone may not want to spend 7 years or so and want to go to their profession in two years. The aim of study should be vocational. Some big companies may want to train them for their own work.
    The approach should be practical and interactive and probably less of theoretical knowledge. The aim should be to understand the subject rather than cramming it and the evaluation and examination should be planned accordingly.
    There should me monthly or regular evaluation, where students should be graded rather than by actual marks .
    English somehow or other is the international language. It is the language of USA, Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), Australia and Canada. English is the language of most commonwealth countries. Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language. However, when combining native and non-native speakers it is probably the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 53 countries. Books for all advanced studies are available in English. Approximately 125 million people in India speak English.
    One reason Indians have done well in foreign countries is because they are good in English. Unfortunately Indians do not have a common language and bringing English as a common language will unite India. One can search on Computer a particular topic in any language but articles in English language will be many more times and knowing good English would be much more advantageous in searching.
    Computer now has become integral part of our daily life and it is impossible to separate our life from computer. Once someone learns to search a particular topic in computer, he an keep learning about a particular topic he is interested in. As technology is improving we can do more and more things with computer.
    EPH would help us to know as how we can keep healthy. I think most people in India don’t know about water borne disease and how to keep in good health. The student should be taught about human anatomy and physiology, food hygiene, cost effective local healthy food, how to keep healthy including exercise and sports (including practicals). Depending on the age sex education could be imparted. This will improve the health of general people, which is a major problem in India.
    We should continue our “Mid day meal programme” to poor people which can provide free nutritious lunch, which may be extra incentive to attend the school.
    One advantage of this system would be that our youth would be able to do their profession at the age of 15-19 years or so, which will be a boon for a developing country like India and one can make the livelihood from that age. They can earn for themselves and the country. It will be much more affordable for government and the parents. Although Indian government has recently made Education a fundamental right for every individual, we need to get more teachers, Schools, infrastructure, computers etc. The statement by Smt Purandeswari, Minister of state for Human Resources development about ICT (Information and Computer Technology) at world seminar for Ministers for Education in London is very encouraging and development must be happening on that front. Bringing out “Aakash” an inexpensive $35 tablet in a brilliant idea.
    All these subjects would be very much applied and we would find that students would be more interested in their subject and there would not be apathy to the subjects.
    A student who has been trained with such system would be good in English, computer and specialized in their own branch and will have the option to work in lot of other countries in the world.
    The above education system up to class 7-8 should be available to all children including all girls in India, free of cost.

    Some of my friends with whom I have discussed the proposal are city dwellers, middle class or better than middle class and could pay for the education of their children and want more extensive education, but all the basic subjects mentioned above should be included. Some one may argue that more subjects should be included in free education, but I feel we have not been able to educate even about practical subjects.
    One problem in India is various curriculum in different systems- State Government Board, CBSC Board, ICSC board, NIOS board, Cambridge International Examination and other boards . This system at least up to age of 14 or so will be very similar all over India or may be internationally. If they function they must teach the above subjects as the minimum. The advantage will be transfer between different parts of India or if one goes for higher exam a uniformity of the subjects for competitive exam.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Dr Ajit Kumar Agrwal
    MD, MRCP(UK), CCST(General Medicine & Geriatric Medicine)
    Ex Consultant Physician in UK
    Consultant Internist in Kolkata
    Mobile 9678424790

    Few days ago we have a new page ? Improving the Education System. It has a URL no
    Please suggest improvement

  118. Please someone post the points that proves that the indian educatio system not good……

  119. i am studying in 9th grade and i completely agree with you sir. Nowadays those who deserve to get good jobs are on the streets and those who dont deserve those jobs are getting it. It is all due to the education system in India. You dont see such injustices in the USA.

  120. very true there must b change in education (for education is not filling a burket but lighting a fire)

  121. Isha Foundation has launched a campaign to revolutionize India’s public education system. The Tamilnadu Government is entrusting us to reform it’s Government schools through teacher training, remedial classes, extracurricular activities and basic health programs for the students. Help us make our vision a reality: visit http://www.giveisha.org/govtschool to join the cause.

    Thanks for your support!

    Aleksa Hartog
    Head – Government School Adoption Program (GSAP)
    Isha Foundation

  122. Hello there I am so thrilled I found your website,
    I really found you by error, while I was looking on Google for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a incredible post and a all round thrilling blog (I
    also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read
    it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I
    will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the great

  123. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired! Extremely useful info particularly the closing part 🙂 I deal with such information a lot. I used to be looking for this certain information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  124. Sorry I disagree with you ideas of education. Reasons the goal life has to be defined and then you can decide what education should provide. Did ambani,s and other knew what is goal of life. Giving employment to thousands and become richest man is not goal of life. I think we need to review what our children should become, not Bollywood stars ( our heroes), not politicians etc but a indian

  125. Revolution in education can only bring revolution in the Nation. We should encourage teachers to provide education in the way which can make students morally upright, mentally alert, and physically fit. Prosperity of Nation is directly promotional to the standard and quality of education. We are born to serve the Nation.
    Dr. Mrs. Neeru Joshi
    BBPS, Modinagar

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