Who is Pratibha Patil?

 That should be the question on every Indian’s mind. To know more worth is you visit these link. First of which is a website launched by Bhartiya Janata Party. This blogger is no su[pporter of BJP, but the the candidate of the UPA, Mrs. Patil is facing some serious allegations. The nation has all rigths to know about its presidential candidates.


  • Indian Express: Delhi HC admits plea on Pratibha
  • The Wall Street Journal: Decline in Delhi
  • Hindustan Times: Chandra Shekhar?s last statement
  • The Pioneer: Left, Congress lose credibility
  • Indian Muslims: NDA demands probe into Patil's 'misuse' of MPLAD funds
  • Nagaland Post: NPF to cast conscience vote
  • The Pioneer: Left, Congress lose credibility
  • News item published in The Times of India of 14 Jan 2007: 'A year on, slain Congman's wife awaits justice'.
  • CNBC: India Tonight    Karan Thapar interviews Arun Shourie on the latter's three articles on
        Pratibha Patil.
  • Aaj Tak: Hatyara Kaun    See the investigative report by India’s leading television channel that
        clearly damns a family member of Ms Pratibha Patil in a murder case.
        [Part 1]  |  [Part 2]
  • CNN-IBN: Pratibha Patil on speaking to a ghost    The Presidential candidate talks of spiritually communicating with a
        godman who died 38 years ago.


    1. Ise desh ka durbhgya hi kaha jeyega , ki shirsha padon par aise dagi log bade garva ke saath aa rahe hain. Hamein ab vichar karana hoga ki, president ka chunav sidhe janata dwara kiya jaay, na ki aise jhund dwara, jo swayam apani vishwasneeyata kho chuka hai aur jinki niyaton mein shuddhata avam swachchata ki kami hai.

    2. It’s a shame thing that we r choosing these type of criminal & psycho folks as our president …………..
      she is a deadly & useless woman , she is not even 5 % of Mr Abdul kalam………

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